• Welcome to Volley Beach!

    We offer volleyball leagues for all levels of play from the recreational to intermediate, competitive and Highly competitive!

  • Sand Volleyball League Play

    Sand Volleyball Courts League Play - Will Start In March, June & August... Men's, Women's & Co-Ed (Quads & Sixes)

  • Camp Bon Coeur Tournament

    we Hosted a Luck Of The Draw tournament/ Halloween Costume contest in October 2013, to raise some money for Camp Bon Coeur... Thanks for all the players and all who donated prizes, money or their time to help a very worthy organization.

Volley Beach Photos

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Welcome to Volley Beach!


As Lafayette, Louisiana’s premier Volleyball League, we offer a league for all levels of play from recreation to intermediate, competitive and even highly competitive!

Volley Beach League offers Men’s and Women’s Quads, coed Quad’s and coed Sixes leagues.

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